Umbraco Sweden Festival 2019


Last year’s festival was a great one. This one will be even better. Many interesting speakers, cosy venues, networking opportunities, food, drinks – and of course parties. So, loosen your tie and get your party boots on.

Just like the festival last year in Gothenburg we’ll offer lots of high quality tech talk regarding the latest Umbraco news. And the great thing about Umbraco events in general is that it tends to bring interesting people together. The festival is a great day to network and acquire knowledge.

The festival will be held at Elite Hotel at 19th of September Convenient and easily accessible from every part of town.

Impera and Webmind will start the festival off by hosting a pre-party at the restaurant Makeriet. We’ll be serving food and drinks to your heart’s content. This is a perfect opportunity to start networking with the people visiting the festival. The food at the pre-party is included in the price of the ticket.

Örebro is the place to be the 19th of september

You wouldn’t think that an old castle from the 14th century in Örebro would generate that much buzz. But apparently it does. But in all honesty, it’s a pretty beautiful castle.

Don’t let the rural exterior of Örebro fool you. Away from the cobblestones of our quite famous castle in the middle of the city is a brewing network of people working in the computer industry. And on the topic of brewing stuff. Örebro has a decent amount of local breweries and coffee shops. We might not be as hipsterified (that’s a word right?) as Stockholm when it comes to these things, but we’re getting there.